Unfade Photo Scanner

Check out the best photo album scanner app for iOS. Unfade automatically restores and fixes faded colors.

Revive your photos

Unfade automatically analyzes the photo and refreshes faded colors. Apply one of the 25 filters to boost colors and give your photos the final touch to look great again.

Bring them to the digital age

Use your old photos and albums just like you would use a digital photo. Easily crop, rotate, rename, set a date and organize the photos in as many albums as you like.

Send photos to your friends and family

Post photos to your facebook timeline, send them to your family as an email and enjoy the photos whenever you like. Now you have your memories with you all the time.

Woman with an iPad using Unfade

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  • Try Unfade to scan your photo albums. Best scanner app with restoration filter for #iOS

  • I’m about to start #digitizing old family #photos. Scored a nifty app called #unfade that makes it a lot easier.

  • App Tip: Unfade is the best photo album scanner! Scan old pics, revive, & digitize them!!

  • Scanbot and Unfade both brilliantly simple essential apps!

  • Unfade saves your boxes of photographs from the claws of history

  • Unfade is the best photo album scanner that revives colors.


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How it works

Save 30% with our bundle

Get the best document scanner and the best photo scanner in a bundle and save 30%. Unfade is the app that will save your old photo albums and bring them to the digital world. The automatic color filter restores faded colors and makes old photos look fresh.